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Mastered for iTunes
Now Available

Looking for that unique and essential remix?

DJ Ioan Gamboa, our 'remix-meister', has just what you are looking for!

Order your remix now!

GBPStandard Rates


£150Stereo Mixdown of recorded audio - price per song

Stereo Mastering or Remastering

One price for all. £35Mastering or Remastering of a stereo mix/Stems/Submix - price per song

Mastering for iTunes

£15Get your MP3s sonically enhanced for delivery to iTunes - price per song

Full Album Mixing or Mastering

contact us11 tracks/songs or more - contact us directly for a competitive quote

Redbook Standard Master/Reference Copy

£10Redbook compliant Master CD/Reference copies are available on request - price per unit

DDP Master

£10Disc Description Protocol (DDP) delivered as data on a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. The industry

standard used by replication facilities world-wide. Available on request - price per unit

Audio Editing - Audio Restoration

£50Like it says - audio editing or audio restoration - price per hour

MP3 ISRC ID3 Tag Encoding

£10Protect you and your music by encoding your ISRC code in your MP3s. Encoding your ISRC

code helps make sure that you get paid whenever your music is played - price per MP3

CCDB® Information

£10Make sure your song/album/Artist information appears correctly in iTunes, or any other online/electronic reproduction service/device - price per submission

50% part payment as a minimum, must be made before any work will commence.

Get in contact with us now - we guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Special Deals

Demo Mix Deal

Get your Demo professionally mixed

(3 songs)

£300 GBP

Demo Master Deal

Get your Demo professionally mastered

(3 songs)

£70 GBP