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Looking for that unique and essential remix?

DJ Ioan Gamboa, our 'remix-meister', has just what you are looking for!

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Looking for that Pro sound? - then look no further! We mixdown, remix and edit full albums, EP's, singles, demos, Songwriter demos, Audiobooks, podcasts - absolutely anything audio related! We mixdown music from all styles and genres, from Rock to Pop, Classical to Hip-Hop, Country to Metal, Punk to Electronic, Jazz to Bossa...

An advantage of using an online mixing service is that you do not have to attend the session, thus saving you time and money and more importantly allowing you to have more time to do what you do best - making great music!

An additional advantage is that you can also review the mixes in your own time, in your favourite listening environment and ensure that should you wish to make changes, you have the time to identify every possible facet of the mix that may require adjustment or just enjoy your music - the way it was meant to be heard!

How does it work?

There are 3 very simple steps to follow when you contract our Mixing services:

  • pay the required amount for the service contracted (minimum 50% laydown of final price)
  • upload your tracks/sessions (we support native Pro Tools HD and Logic Pro sessions)
  • receive, then approve the finished product

Uploading to Emptyhorse Studios is done via any of the free web based file transfer services (i.e. Dropbox) or we can also supply you with by a private and secure FTP, should you prefer.

Or you could simply burn your project onto a CD or DVD, or save it on a USB memory stick, and send it to us by certified mail (any USB sticks will of course be returned to their owners).

When the mix is finished, we will provide you with a WAV file (or any file format of your choice) for evaluation. If the mix meets with your approval, then great, our business is done! If you wish to make changes to the mix, then you may have an unlimited number of revisions (within reason), at no extra charge.

Place an order for mixing with us now - we guarantee you won't be disappointed!


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Ioan Gamboa
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