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Not sure if your mix is ready for Mastering? Send us your mix and we will evaluate it, for free, to ensure that your final mix is ready for the Mastering stage.

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At Emptyhorse Studios we offer stereo mastering from a stereo mixdown, or by stem/submix mastering. We encourage you to make sure your mix is fully prepared for Mastering before you send it in. Should you require help with this, get in contact with us and we can provide you with a free mix evaluation to ensure your mix is correctly prepared for the final mastering stage.

Why use an online Mastering service? An advantage of using an online mastering service is that you do not have to attend the session, thus saving you time and money and more importantly allowing you to have more time to do what you do best - making great music!

If you elect to have your project Mixed and Mastered with us, we guarantee your project will have a different engineer for each stage, thus ensuring your project is always viewed and interpreted with a fresh perspective.

How does it work?

There are 3 very simple steps to follow when you contract our Mastering services:

  • pay the required amount for the service contracted (minumum 50% laydown of final price)
  • upload your tracks/stems/submixes (including all relevant ISRC, UPC or EAN information, if relevant)
  • receive, then approve the finished product

Uploading to Emptyhorse Studios is done via any of the free web based file transfer services (i.e. Dropbox) or we can supply you with a private and secure FTP. You can also use our Soundcloud Dropbox to send us your stereo mixdowns. Or you could put your project onto a CD, DVD or USB memory stick, and send it to us by certified mail.

When the mastering has been completed we will upload your finished product to you, for your approval. Should you be unhappy with the finished result (which very rarely happens!), you may have an unlimited amount of revisions (within reason), at no extra charge.

Once you have approved the final result, we will provide you with a DDP image of the mastered audio. Should you require, we can also provide you with a physical copy in the form of Redbook Standard Pre-master CD, along with a complete time code sheet, with full PQ information.

Place an order for mastering with us now - and breathe new life into your mixes!


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