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Emptyhorse Studios - Professional Audio Mixing and Audio Mastering

Professional Audio Post-Production services for Music Labels, Artists, Producers, Songwriters, Film, TV & Documentary makers. We deliver professional results, whatever your needs, wherever you are in the world.


Get that Pro mixdown sound you have always dreamed of, in an easy and affordable manner! We mixdown full albums, EP's, singles, demos, podcasts, audiobooks - absolutely anything audio related! We cover all styles and genres of music from Classical music to Hip-Hop, we mix it all!


Breathe new life into your mixes with our professional high quality mastering service in an easy and convenient manner. Want your mixes Mastered for iTunes? We do that too. Speciality Remastering service also available. Free mix check available on request!

Additional Services

We also offer audio restoration and editing services as well as ISRC-ID3 tag encoding for MP3s. Use our CCDB (Gracenote) Information submission service to make sure your album details always appear correctly online.

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Ioan Gamboa
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