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Iain Fraser

Chief Audio Engineer. Founder of Emptyhorse Studios in 2009. Audio, Video and IT engineer extraordinaire, producer, mixing and mastering engineer. Over 20 years experience in the Music & Entertainment industry.

Former International Digital Production trainer and consultant for the Warner Music Group. Founder and former operational manager of the in-house Digital Production department for Warner Music Spain & Portugal. Produced in-house and distributed worldwide, audio, video, online & mobile material for a wealth of national (Spanish & Portuguese) & international artists. Also worked hand in hand with, and consulted for A&R and Production departments for the Warner Music Group worldwide.

Kill Minimal

Juan Gamboa (a.k.a. Ioan Gamboa, Kill minimal)

Accomplished Audio Engineer and Internationally reknowned DJ, Juan is based in Berlin, Germany, and is a frequent collaborator with us, as well as being our resident electronic music expert. Juan also forms an important part of our mixing, remixing and mastering teams. Juan also is the owner of the madberlin record label & booking agency, which provides comprehensive services for electronic artists worldwide.

Juan, under his aliases, has releases on a wide range of labels all over the world and his work is also widely supported by artists such as Richie Hawtin, Xpansul and Marc Antona. He has also been commisioned by Jose Padilla and Hernan Cattaneo for remixes.

Nowadays, Juan has settled, and works out of his studio in Berlin, where he is absorbing, at first hand, the characteristic sounds of this vibrant city, as well as playing regular gigs, at home in Berlin, as well as in Japan, the UK, Ireland and Spain.

We have the ears, we have the years and we have the gear!


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Ioan Gamboa
Ioan Gamboa
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